Vu Televisions Customer Care Number 02245417000, Toll-free, Helpline, Email Id and Address

Vu Televisions Customer Care Number 02245417000, Toll-free, Helpline, Email Id and Address

Vu Televisions Customer Care Number 02245417000, Helpline, Complaint Number for all services like Vu 100, Vu Cinema TVs, Vu Premium TVs, Vu Premium 4k TVs, and UV Ultra TVs.

All India Vu Televisions Customer care number and Other details

You can resolve all types of queries, complaints, and concerns. To give some feedback, you can call Vu Televisions customer care number.

You Broadband Customer Care Number

  • 1800-228-455
  • 82919-16111 (WhatsApp number) 
  • 022-4541-7000
  • 74984-45856

You Broadband Customer Care Emails

  • Support@vutvs.com

To resolve queries you can contact Vu Televisions customer care at any time through the WhatsApp, Email, and even over the call.

Warranty Tracking By Vu Televisions

1)You can check your warranty instantly on the dedicated warranty check portal and know what is covered under warranty.

2)Vu customers can check their status on Vu televisions customer care site exclusive link by entering your TV set serial number like 3TE43M18484501E1SA2xxxx.

3)The Serial number is given on one side of the TV and on the backside of the TV. You can see the edge on the backside TV Box where Barcode with SR no is available.

You can check your warranty status from here

4)Warranty includes parts like Boards, Panel, visiting & repair charges at the site. Note that it does not include physical damage & non-manufacturing defect to a panel or any other component.

5)Vu team will never charge anything absolutely. (except non-manufacturing defect, physical damage)

Extended Warranty By Vu Televisions Customer Care

1)There is separate repair & service charges are applicable. After the expiry of the warranty, all activities are chargeable including motherboard, panel, remote, power supply, and many more.

2)The TV panel is a very important part of the entire TV system. If there is any issue or defect occurs in the panel then your system will fail. In case your panel fails then you have to pay around 80% of the total investment for your TV.

So the benefits of Vu Television Extended Warranty, you have peace of mind since your product will be protected against any system problems.

Once you extend the warranty, you do not have to take tension about the rise in cost in the future. And definitely it offers high value and is completely hassle-free. It is very cost-effective to upgrade to the extended warranty. It also reduces your downtime and operating cost of the product and services.

Self Installation Guide By Vu Televisions Customer Care

Cinema TV

Premium 4K TV

Ultra TV

Premium TV

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Basic Troubleshooting By Vu Televisions Customer Care

If your remote doesn’t control the TV

To check the remote control‘s infra-red LED is properly working or not, you need to have a camera phone or digital camera to do the test.

The first switch on the camera after that face the remote control (LED side) in front of the camera lens. Now press the button on the TV remote control you will get the infra-red LED lighting up on the camera screen. If you have a specific key issue then you can be verified by the above test.

Want to connect to the internet using Wireless/Wired LAN

Connect to Wi-Fi Network

  1. First, select the menu after that select network settings.
  2. Now select Wi-Fi or Wireless.
  3. Your TV will scan for the availability of networks. Choose your preferred network from the list. Enter the network password with the help of remote’s buttons.
  4. Once your password is confirmed, a message will be shown that your TV is connected to your network and the internet.

Connect to Wired Network

  1. Check the Ethernet port on your TV.
  2. Now connect an Ethernet cable from the router to the port on the TV.
  3. After that select the menu on your TV and then go to Network Settings.
  4. Select the option to enable wired internet from your TV.
  5. Finally, enter your network password with the help of your remote’s buttons.

If your Mobile Casting feature is not working

  1. To view media files can search for an app in the Google play store for android mobiles & app store for apple. Some media share applications are available for android mobiles without using any view cast feature on TV. Within the Same Wi-Fi connectivity.
  2. Casting / mirroring directly through inbuilt cast features from mobile may not connect to cast or compatible with smart TV hence suggesting the media sharing apps.
  3. ​For instance, it can cast media from media sharing apps to TV easily. They’re both made & designed to work together.

Use of the Wall mount Audio setup

For better sound quality, Dolby & DBX TV surround sound technologies integrated. This wall mount setup will help you to automatically optimize the sound quality based on the position of the TV.

To enable this setting follow the below steps:

  • First, go to a sound setting and pressing a setting key on Remote control.
  • After that select the Advance setting mode.
  • Now select the wall mount setup as enable/disable.

You can experience the features by the positioning of TV (table mount or wall mount).

Table Stand
When you keep the TV on a stand then you will get very high sound quality.

Wall Mount/Floor Stand
Once you mount a TV on the floor or wall then also you will get very high-quality sound.

If you try to play a media file using the USB Media Player and you receive the following error message on the TV (i.e.The unsupported format or video error)

Please refer to these guidelines for the Supported formats which can be played in the inbuilt media players of the TV.
The problem may occur for one or more of the following reasons:

  • If there is one or more media player files are missing or corrupt.
  • In case you are trying to play a media file that has a file format that the media player does not support.
  • If the media file is corrupt.
  • The uninstalled codec uses media files.
  • Here all media file uses a codec that media player does not support.
  • You can convert any file formats into the supported formats as given in the user manual.

Online streaming content buffering while watching

The main reason for buffering is to prevent the video from stopping to load, networked component “buffers” the video. Here system will streams the video ahead of what you are watching so that it plays continuously.

Once streaming video reaches to the point where it has to wait until more data is available, it will pause, and you will see a spinning circle on your TV screen. If the video stream catches up, it plays again.

You can check internet speed using VOD Apps which provide the full feature for internet signal strength speed details.

Due to repeated buffering results from a technical problem with the data provider or your internet service provider (ISP), but it also can occur when multiple devices are using your internet connection at the same time. Most of the time this problem occurs due to the internet speed.

About Vu VOD Upscaler Technology

If your TV won’t switch on

To troubleshoot follow the below steps:

  • First, check whether the power cable is connected to the TV set and to the mains.
  • Then check the mains are switched ON.
  • After that check, the ON/OFF switch below the TV set is switched ON or Not.

If all the above steps you followed and the standby light does not light up, then you can put a service request on 022-4541-7000 for a product expert from Vu customer care to resolve your service request.

My picture not working on HD

You can refer user guide for the viewing picture settings.

Even after doing this no change occur then following may be the reasons:

  1. Change the existing cable with a new working cable.
  2. If any HDMI switch boxes/repeaters remove it and try connecting directly.
  3. Restart your TV and external device in this order to force a new HDCP concern from the device. Sometimes this also happens that a hot-plug detect scheme doesn’t work properly.
  4. As a last resort, change the cable around. Sometimes the HDMI cable provides a defect that causes it to be directional.

Android TV and the Buttons Are Not Working On a Bluetooth Remote

For Sound menu setting features

Design Vu Sound: Inbuilt DTS TruSurround and Dolby audio sound technologies selecting a sound setting suitable for the data in Vu TVs.

One can easily select the sound mode according to your choice. It has five sound modes. Go to sound setting and adjust sound mode as per your preference.

Standard: It delivers a flat frequency response, which retains the natural characteristics of the original quality of sound.

Speech: Once you select speech mode then low and high frequencies are attenuated to improve the clarity of sound for the human.

Late night: By using this mode you can enjoy clear sound at a low volume level. This function will help you to maintain a theater-like environment at low volume levels.

Music: With this mode, low and high frequencies are emphasized to enhance musical instrument reproduction to increase sound quality.

Theatre: This mode is very extraordinary, in this you will feel like you are sitting in theatre.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can I contact to Vu Television customer care?

You can easily contact to Vu customer care team at any numbers:

How is the Vu TV service facility in India?

Vu TVs fail mostly after the year of purchase so you must extend the warranty. Once you purchased a TV, service is managed by Jeeves so you need to check how their service is in your area.

Is it possible to install apps in Vu TV?

In the previous generation of Vu TVs, you cannot install apps. In case your TV is android supported, then you can install two apps, those are ‘ES File Browser’ and ‘sideload launcher’.

Does Vu Television support Amazon prime?

The models which are Linux-based Vu Smart OS that has predefined OTT apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and many more. Official Android TV software doesn’t list out the Amazon Prime Video app in the Play Store but a workaround is possible. There are also ‘hotkeys’ available on the remote control to open the VOD apps directly.

What is Vu Television?

Vu has an LED TV and display manufacturer founded in the USA in 2006. It was the largest-selling TV brand across India on e-commerce platforms.

How is the Vu Television?

Vu TV is the about 10-year-old brand, which could be one of the best budget LED TVs in India. All over India, consumers are trusting Vu because it is providing at a reasonable price and offering them good service support.

How do I screen mirror on the Vu TV?

For screen mirror
1)Start your Vu Tv then go to the option HDMI/MHL or screen mirroring in some TVs and turn it on.
2)Swipe on top of the mobile screen and find for the option “Cast”.

Other Infornations

Registered Office address:- Vu Center, 29, MIDC Central Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093, India

Website:- Official link

Vu Televisions Social link:-

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