Pharmeasy Customer Care Number 7666100300, Toll-free, Helpline, Email Id and Address

Pharmeasy Customer Care Number 7666100300, Toll-free, Helpline, Email Id and Address

Pharmeasy Customer Care Number 7666100300, Helpline, Complaint Number for all services like Order, Delivery, Doctor consultations, Payments, Returns, Referrals, Refills, General inquiries, Pharmeasy, Promotions, Diagnostics, Pharmeasy plus, and many more.

All India Pharmeasy Customer care number and Other details

You can resolve all types of concerns, complaints and you can also give some feedback call on Pharmeasy customer care number.

Pharmeasy Customer Care Number

  • 76661-00300
  • 99929-99929

Pharmeasy Customer Care Emails

  • care@pharmeasy.in
  • legal@pharmeasy.in

Pharmeasy customer care team is available from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Monday to Sunday).

To resolve queries you can contact Pharmeasy customer care number at any time through the WhatsApp, Email, and even over the call.

Grievance Officer

Officer Name: Pramod Nair
Contact number: 022-25032188

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For Medicine And Healthcare Orders Issue(Pharmeasy customer care number)

When you will receive your order?

Your order will be delivered within a short time as committed at the time of order placement. You can check the status of your order from “My orders” section. Keep checking your order delivery updates.

In some cases, delivery time may not be as per usual timelines. Pharmeasy customer care number is available and they are working 24*7 to deliver your order as soon as possible. 

If you received damaged items?

In this case go to “My orders”, tap on the specific order, and then click ‘Return’. Pharmeasy team will try to resolve this on priority.

If you received different items from what you ordered?

It is very rare but if it happens. Then to initiate a return process of the wrong item, you need to log in the App, tap the “My orders”, so select the order in question and tap on the ‘Return’ tab. After that Pharmeasy will try to resolve your concern on priority.

In case any items are missing from your ordered?

Pharmeasy partner retailers will check to avoid exactly such an event. You should reach out to the Pharmeasy team within 48 hours of your order delivery so that the Pharmeasy customer care team can investigate the matter.

How can I cancel my Pharmeasy order?

You can easily cancel your order from the ‘Order details’ screen before it is out for delivery. You have to go to “My orders” then Select the order which you want to cancel and tap on “Cancel”.

Otherwise, you can easily refuse it at the time of delivery and a refund will be processed into your account.

Where I get Invoice of my order?

To obtain the invoice for your order, go to “My orders” tap on the specific order, and you will get an option to download the invoice in a PDF format.

How to modify your Pharmeasy order?

Once your order is confirmed, it cannot be modified again. You need to place a fresh order with new modifications.

For Delivery Issue(Pharmeasy customer care number)

If your order status showing ‘delivered’ but you have not received order?

You are requested to reach out to Pharmeasy customer care number within 48 hours of the order delivery being reported so that team can investigate the matter.

In which cities Pharmeasy is operated?

Pharmeasy provides healthcare services all over India in 1000+ cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. You can select for your city list from Pharmeasy ‘Deliver to’ section on the home screen.

What is the procedure for fast delivery?

Currently, pharmeasy do not have a feature available to expedite the order delivery. However, if pharmeasy will offer this feature in the future and your area is serviceable, you will receive communication from pharmeasy team end.

What are the step to modify address after the order placement?

Once the order is placed, you cannot modify the address.

For Doctor Consultation(Pharmeasy customer care number)

Why doctor consultation is arranged for my Pharmeasy order?

Most of the medicines/products that you order for, through the Pharmeasy app or Website, require a valid prescription from experts. 
Pharmeasy team connects you to a partnered doctor if you do not have a prescription or if they find the attached prescription is invalid. 

Prescription will be considered to be valid if the following details is available:-

  • Date of Prescription
  • Name of Patients
  • Name of Doctor
  • Degree of Doctor
  • Duration & Dosage of medicines
  • Doctor’s Stamp/Signature
  • Doctor’s Registration Number

Still if you need further assistance, then you can reach out to pharmeasy customer care team.

In case you missed the Doctor’s call?

Don’t worry, Pharmeasy customer care team will call you back soon.

For Payments Issue(Pharmeasy customer care number)

If you have payment related issue with your order?

Pharmeasy does not accept any payments at the time of placing order. Once your items have been packed and the bill is ready, you will receive a notification in your app and an SMS with the payment link. After that, you can tap on the “Pay Now” button on the homepage or go to the order details page to make a payment. 

In case you are facing a payment confirmation problem with your existing order, note that online payment confirmations are totally dependent on the issuing bank. However, if the amount has been deducted from your account but the transaction failed, then the same amount will reflect in your account or wallet within 7-10 business days.

What will be the duration for Refund?

Once the refund process has been initiated, then the refund amount is expected to reflect in source account as per the payment method:

Mode of PaymentRefund accountDuration of Refund
Pharmeasy WalletPharmeasy Wallet24 Hours
Cash on deliveryPharmeasy Wallet3-5 Budiness days
Online Card Payment by Credit/DebiSource account3-5 Budiness days
Card payment on deliveryPharmeasy Wallet3-5 Budiness days
Net bankingNet banking account7-10 Budiness days
UPINet banking account5-10 Budiness days
Phonepe & Other E-WalletPhonepe & Other E-Wallet1-2 Budiness days
NEFTBank account5-7 Budiness days

If you do not receive cashback for your order?

Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully for the eligibility of cashback. Your cashback may depend on the following factors:

  1. Purchase date
  2. Total order value
  3. Payment mode 
  4. First time order
  5. Maximum cashback per transaction or card

You can visit the active offer pages in the Pharmeasy app or website and read the terms & conditions of the offer that you made a payment. Often, there are more information is given in T&Cs on when to expect the cashback, if you are eligible to get it.

For Returns Issue(Pharmeasy customer care number)

If you want to return your order?

You can raise a request to return any items by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to My Orders section
  2. Then select your order and click on ‘RETURN’ button
  3. Check whether the product that you wish to return are returnable and have a valid return-by date policy
  4. Now select the item quantity and reason for return

Pharmeasy team will pick up the only returnable items within 1 – 7 business days from the date of request. It is requested to keep the return package ready in its original packaging. You are advised to keep a copy of the invoice from the partner licensed retail pharmacy handy for complete verification.

What is the working process of Pharmeasy return policy?

Pharmeasy offers a flexible return policy for ordered items with us. Under this policy, each item purchased will have a specific returnable window which can vary anywhere between 0 to 30 days, post its delivery. The return window will be available on the returns section of the order, once it delivered.

Purchased items will not be returnable under the following conditions:

  1. In case the item has been opened, partially used, or ruptured. Check the package carefully at the time of the delivery destination.
  2. For the consumable item.
  3. If the item’s packaging or box or seal has been damaged. Please do not accept the delivery of a tampered package.
  4. If it is mentioned on the product page description that the item is non-returnable
  5. In case the return window for any item has expired.
  6. Any accessories supplied with your ordered product are missing.
  7. If the item original serial number/UPC number/barcode is not present at the time of delivery.
  8. In case item damage or defect which is not mentioned under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  9. If the ordered item is damaged due to visible/unwanted misuse.
  10. Any items related to baby care products, food & nutrition, sexual wellness, and healthcare devices such as but not limited to pads, diapers, health drinks, health supplements, glucometers, glucometer strips/lancets, health monitors, condoms, pregnancy/fertility kits, and many more.

For Referrals Issue(Pharmeasy customer care number)

How Pharmeasy referral program work?

You can invite friend and family members by sharing your referral code. If any new user places their first order using this referral code, they will surely get an additional 2% off after the base discount has been applied. After that you will get an extra 2% off on your next order, once their order is delivered to destination.

Where should I check Pharmeasy referral code?

You can easily find your referral code in the “Refer and Earn” tab below the accounts section.

Why I do not get referrals benefits?

In case you did not get notification about your referral benefit, it is likely that one or more of the following things could happen:

  1. The referred person may do not apply your referral code while placing the order.
  2. May be person clicked on your link but not created an account or not initiated complete their first purchase.
  3. The referred member may be placed in order, but the order was not fulfilled properly.
  4. A person who uses the code has already placed an order on the pharmeasy app.
  5. In case your referral benefit has been expired.

After how many days my referral benefit will expire?

Of course, there is an expiry date. If you are eligible for the extra benefit you need to place an order within 3 months (90 days) or it will expire.

For Refills Issue(Pharmeasy customer care number)

How can you modify your medicine refill interval?

If you wish to modify a Refill, you have to go to ‘Active Refills’, choose the refill order which you want to edit or modify and select the new interval as per need.

What is the procedure to add new medicine to my refill account?

You need to select the ‘Call to Confirm’ option while confirming your Refill medicines through the notification. On the confirmation call, you can ask the representative to add your new medicine to your existing refill.

How can I alter the medicine quantity for my existing refill?

As you click on the Refill notification link, you will get an option to choose the quantity of the medicines as per need. You can do this on a confirmation call.

What is the procedure to skip my refill delivery?

First, go to ‘My Refills’, and select the refill of your choice wish to skip. Then go to ‘Manage Refills’ and select the appropriate option as required.

What can I do if my refill is on hold?

In case your Refill is on hold, it implies that the Pharmeasy team tried reaching you to confirm the order; however, there was no response from your side. Click on ‘Active Refills’ section on the Pharmeasy app, choose the delivery date and your refill will restart as per the cycle again.

What is medicine refill and why we should subscribe to this?

If you need medicinal products for a long period of time, then this ‘Refill’ feature is available for you. With the Refill options, you need not to keep a track of ordering the item/ product you need, time and again. You need to just place an order and give the detail fo of your medicinal or product requirements.

What is the process to create a refill?

At the time of placing an order, you can make a refill in the ‘Delivery Preference’ section. Or you can also create a Refill from the ‘My Refills’ section in the Pharmeasy app.

Is there any charge for refill service?

For refills subscription, there is no charge and you will get a lot of benefits.

For Pharmeasy Wallet Issue(Pharmeasy customer care number)

How can I check my Pharmeasy wallet balance?

If you want to check your pharmeasy wallet balance, then you need to go to the accounts section, and after that click on the Wallet, section to see the balance amount.

If I want to redeem my pharmeasy money then what should I do?

Suppose you have money in your wallet, Now once you place the order then the amount will be automatically deducted and you need to pay for the balance amount if remaining.

How much Pharmeasy money I can redeem in any order?

There is no any limitation to the cash for redeem in any order.

How can I add money to my Pharmeasy wallet?

No, you are neither transfer nor add money to your pharmeasy wallet.

When will be Pharmeasy money will expire?

Any cash deposited in your Pharmeasy wallet will never expire. At times, Pharmeasy marketing team may deposit promotional cash which will have an expiry policy that is communicated to you via an SMS.

What is Pharmeasy wallet system?

It is a digital wallet to store Pharmeasy cash. In this wallet each cash unit is equivalent to Re.1. It can be redeemed / adjusted for any products or services purchased through Pharmeasy and is not transferable.

For General Enquiries Issue(Pharmeasy customer care number)

What is procedure to change phone number linked to my pharmeasy account?

You can contact to Pharmeasy customer care number over chat or call with your request. Pharmeasy customer care representatives will be happy to help you with the required information.

How can you change email id which is linked to your pharmeasy account?

If you wish to change your email id, then you can go to the accounts section and click on “edit profile”. After that change, the mentioned email id and a verification email will be sent to your new email address.

Is there any delivery charges for medicines and healthcare orders?

Delivery charges are applicable based on the cost of items purchased. You need to add the items/products that you want to the cart to see what is the delivery charges will be for your order.

To Know Promotions

How can I check ongoing offers?

You can easily check the list of”Active Offers” on the home screen under the ‘Special Offers’ section. Pharmeasy customer care team send customized offers to specific customers through email or SMS.

What is the step to use coupon code?

You can apply a coupon code on your order only at the time of purchasing. If system shows a message that the coupon code has failed to apply, it may be because of you are not eligible for this offer.

How can I calculate discount?

The percentage discount on every item/product will vary across all categories and will be shown on an item level on the product page. All discounts will be calculated with a coupon based on the discounted MRP value alone.

For Example:

  • MRP of item/ product ordered – Rs. 1000
  • Pharmeasy Savings @15% – Rs. 150
  • Discounted MRP – Rs. 850
  • After Coupon code applied (XXXXX) – @5% 
  • Total Coupon benefit – Rs. 42.5 (5% of Rs. 850)
  • Final payable value – Rs. 807.5

For Diagnostics Issue

How can I book a diagnostic test?

  1. Go and click the ‘Diagnostics Test’ on the available home screen.
  2. Then you need to upload your prescription image and If you don’t have a prescription then you can directly select the test from the list of tests in the App. Now select your preferred lab. Add or select patient name and address.
  3. Select your preferred time and date slot, as per your choice.
  4. Pharmeasy customer care team will call to confirm your appointment, as per your selections.
  5. Pharmeasy will provide a FREE*(With T & C) home sample picks up facility. Carefully check the charges when ordering tests.
  6. The Phlebotomist will visit your destination to collect your sample and carry it to the lab facility.  They will carry the samples in an ice box to ensure that the samples are in ideal controlled conditions, in accordance with the proper standards, when submitted to the labs center.

How will I get reports for my test order?

  1. You will get a soft copy of the reports, as per the time specified in the pharmeasy app for the selected tests via email to the registered email id. These reports are also uploaded on the app when received from the lab by pharmaeasy team.
  2. You can also request a hard copy of the tests report while placing the order, at the time of order the confirmation or inform the requirement to the respective Phlebotomist at the time of the sample collection.
  3. A hard copy of the reports, if needed, will be sent within 4 – 5 working days via courier/other services once all reports are received from the lab. There is a charge of Rs. 49/- only for this facility.
  4. Please note that after the sample pick-up, you can’t request a hard copy of the reports to be sent to you.

What will happens if you miss the refill order?

You should not be a worry. Go to the ‘My Refills’ section on the home screen and after that confirm the medicines required.

For Pharmeasy Plus Issue

What are the benefits in Pharmeasy plus?

Members of Pharmeasy plus can get the various benefits:

  1. You will get additional cashback on all medicine & healthcare products orders
  2. On all Diagnostic Tests, you get additional cashback 
  3. No delivery charges on orders above Rs.199
  4. Zero convenience charges on all orders
  5. No separate fees on Doctor consultations

How can I enroll for Pharmeasy plus membership?

To enroll for this facility go to the home page of the app.

Can I cancel Pharmeasy plus membership after it’s purchasing?

You cannot do this, once enrolled you will not be able to cancel your Pharmeasy plus membership.

Payment Modes Available At Pharmeasy

We support the following payment options:

  1. Credit Card/Debit Card
  2. Net Banking
  3. Digital Wallets (Mobikwik, Paytm, Ola Money, Airtel Money)
  4. Paypal
  5. UPI (PhonePe)
  6. Cash on Delivery (COD)
  7. UPI QR at the time of delivery
  8. Card swipe at the time of delivery (Unavailable for Courier Orders)

Important Links

Other Informations

Headoffice Address:-1st Floor, Tower 1, Commercial 2, Kohinoor Business Park, Premier Road, Kurla West, Mumbai – 400070

Website:- Official link

Pharmeasy Social link:-

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